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Shipping/transport is not included in the pricing of the items on the website or in the gallery, but we will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning appropriate packing, choice of professional transport company, prices etc. You can collect your items in our gallery or have them delivered by a transport company. We provide service for shipment world-wide. Please note that all transport agreements are concluded directly between you and the selected transport company. If you have contracted a transport company to deliver your items, and a damage or loss occurs in transit, you should contact the transport company directly. Import VAT and duties Items traded between countries within the EU are not in principle subject to customs duties or import VAT. Consequently, if you live in one EU country and buy a product in another EU country, you should not be required to pay duties or import VAT to import the item. Special rules, however, apply to trade in goods beyond the borders of the EU. A buyer from an EU country must pay duties and import VAT when importing items purchased in a country outside the EU. If an item is purchased which crosses the border into the EU, VAT is calculated in accordance with the applicable rules. If you wish to apply for a VAT refund, you should do so by contacting the tax authorities of the country in which you have purchased the item. The applicable customs duty and import VAT is calculated by the local customs authorities on the basis of the price, freight costs, insurance, etc. Special rules and exceptions apply to certain categories of goods falling under the heading of "works of art, collectibles and antiques", which can lead to a lower basis for calculation.

Please note that the export of certain goods from Norway, e.g. items that are more than 100 years old, requires an export permit. Obtaining an export permit may take up to 14 days. CHRISTMAS MØLLER ART PROJECTS assumes no responsibility for any changes in legislation or local restrictions in this area.